Oil Changes & More in Lamar, MO

Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop in Lamar, MO, understands that no matter how great a car looks, it’s what’s under the hood that keeps it running. We offer qualified service at reasonable prices.

Let our experts service all of your car’s needs. We will do all we can to keep your car running in top-notch condition.

Car Diagnostic Tests & Other Services

We offer all services from oil changes to more extensive work, including classic car restoration. We won’t waste your time or quote you prices for unnecessary repairs. We first run a car diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact problem that needs fixing.

A proper alignment means better gas mileage, improved handling, and reduced tire wear. Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop in Lamar, Missouri, uses the newest and most state-of-the-art Alignment Rack. Our up-to-date equipment allows our technicians to quickly and accurately check the alignment on all four wheels of your vehicle. We will return the alignment angles to the manufacturer’s specifications if needed.

Whether you have a classic or a late-model vehicle, we can align all makes, models, and years!

Our customers are so happy with our service shop that they leave great reviews.

Our expert technicians prove their dedication to helping us stay a trusted service shop serving Lamar, MO. Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop has served the community for more than 17 years.We offer a wide range of preventative maintenance to car repair services with quality service from Car Care Pros.

When you need an auto service shop near Lamar, Missouri, customers choose Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop for a full range of services, including car diagnostic tests and oil changes. Our experts are skilled in handling your vehicle service needs.

We take pride in our work and strive to deliver quality service to get you back on the road safely and quickly. Customers who choose Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop to service their vehicle appreciate that their repairs are done right and on time.

Expediting automotive service does not mean sacrificing the quality of work. We aim to get the job right the first time at an affordable price.

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Visit us at Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop in Lamar, Missouri, when you need any automotive service, whether it is for oil changes or a car diagnostic test to determine the precise problem that needs repair.
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